Update! There’s a new Badger book, Badger & Vole,¬†available now in my web shop!


Join Badger as he wanders around on the Isle of Wight. He might have some sandwiches. He might roller-skate. You decide!

To play Badger’s Day Out once the game is live, you’ll need to click on Badger’s tummy in the animation below to wake Badger up and the game will pop up in a new window. Once it’s loaded, click on the text underneath the picture to choose a path and to continue.

If you’re playing at low resolution or on a small screen, you might need to scroll down a little bit. Maybe have a cup of tea and listen to some nice music while you’re playing the game. Here’s a Spotify playlist of mellow music from the Isle of Wight if you’d like that. No need to rush, just move from scene to scene when you’re ready. The game is also available as a book.

Click on Badger’s tummy to begin!

Please click Buy the Book for details on how to buy the book and merchandise and to find out which shops stock it and which conventions we’ll be at.