Credits and Thanks

Story and artwork: Howard Hardiman

Howard works from his studio between a river and a graveyard on the Isle of Wight.
He is the creator of The Lengths as well as Badger and exhibits his drawings, paintings
and vector work when he’s not being distracted by dogs, which happens a lot.

Editor and play-tester: Melanie Swan

Melanie works in a studio adjacent to Howard. She is currently developing a new body
of work, based on her early practice as a painter. She too can be distracted. Mostly by
Howard tempting her to listen to Iggy Pop.

Introduction and online game programming: Cara Ellison

Cara is a writer person who technically doesn’t have a home or a workplace; instead
she travels to people and writes about their creative process whilst drinking all their
tea. In between she occasionally makes games, one of which once appeared in the
New York Times. This is her first badger-related project.

Artist’s Assistant: Sarah Gordon

When not working with Howard, Sarah can be found in her own studio on a very busy street in deepest, darkest Soho, London. There she spends her days painting monster politicians, printing rats and drawing on bananas.

Book design and production: dan harder at Concentric Blue

dan loves print design, retrocomputing and being distracted by his cats.


The project would not have been possible without the generous support of Arts Council England and the following wonderful people who supported the Kickstarter campaign.

Al Kennedy, Alexia Blohm-Pain, Alice Dryden, Amy Crosthwaite, Ash Farbrother, Ben Le Foe, Björn Schenke, Bobby Brill, Calum the Miniature Highland Cow, Catherine Ellison, Cheryl DF09, Colin Griffiths, Drachenfliege, Emma Crowe, Frauke, Fred Horgan, Hazel Robinson, Irene Ng, James Cronin, James Wallis, Janelle Asselin, Jess Bartlett, Jill Shurin, Kasper Finknottle, Kate Brown, Katie West, Lara Pressburger, laura stone, Lucy Guyers, Mark Griffiths, Martha James, Mathew Taylor, Matt Waddilove, Maureen Kincaid Speller, Nat Titman, Nathan, Noel Arnold, Paul Batterham, Paul Braidford, Phil, Pippa Ashton, R. M. Craig, Rahul Ricky, Robert Howard Badger, Robin Bray, Roisin Craig, Scott Keir, Simon Coffey, Stefan, Stuart Radley, Subaru, Susie Hastie, Tadd Schellenbach, Valeri, Yoz Grahame, Zoe Sadler