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Badger’s Day Out

Join Badger as he wanders around on the Isle of Wight. He might have some sandwiches. He might roller-skate. You decide in a new interactive book and online game!

“A charmingly ungraphic graphic adventure that understands the journey is the destination. I played with a purring cat in my lap, and for once, I was just as relaxed as she was.”

-Kieron Gillen (Iron Man, The Wicked and the Divine, Young Avengers)

With the help of Arts Council England and a successful Kickstarter, artist Howard Hardiman has created a gentle, looping story following Badger as he potters around on the Isle of Wight. Very little happens in his quiet world.

Badger’s Day Out is playable now at and will also be available as a hardback book at the beginning of November. The online game was made in collaboration with games journalist Cara Ellison and uses Twine, an open-source tool for telling interactive stories, and is the first art/game collaboration about cups of tea and getting buses for both creators.

Take time out, get a cup of tea and settle down for a story where very little happens, but that’s perfectly alright.

Badger’s Day Out (196 pages, Hardback ISBN: 978-1-910436-01-1) £15+p&p from and selected retailers. Released on the 11th of November 2014.
Online game at now.

Artist: Howard Hardiman -
Programmer: Cara Ellison -
Editor/playtester: Melanie Swan -
Artist’s assistant: Sarah Gordon -


Howard Hardiman and Cara Ellison are available for interview.

Howard Hardiman

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